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A Brief History of AnchorPrint Group Ltd

The original Company, R&G Design, was founded by our Managing Director, Richard Linnett, in July 1983 to provide a full range of marketing support services, in particular Graphic Design. At this time the Company outsourced all of its Print. However as a result of continued growth year on year and the resulting increased volume of print work being managed, the Company decided to establish its own print Company – AnchorPrint in 1989. The Company continued to expand in the 1990’s through the acquisition of two other print Companies based in the Midlands. This culminated in the formation of the AnchorPrint Group Ltd as a Private Limited Company in October 2000 (Company Registration number 2394716). In 2001 the group moved its operation to an 11,000 square foot premises in Syston, Leicestershire to enable it to house all its services – design, print, finishing and fulfilment all under one roof.


Our Value Proposition

AnchorPrint Group Ltd is a Graphic Communications specialist based in the heart of the Midlands. We help our customers communicate more effectively by combining our expertise with the latest print and digital technologies. At the same time we can often help produce tangible direct and indirect cost savings to our Customers by offering a complete solution.

B2B Printing in Leicestershire UK

Based in Leicestershire, in the heart of the Midlands, we utilise a comprehensive range of print technologies: Digital, Lithographic and large format, designed to meet the ever changing needs of our clients, both now and in the future.

Our centralised UK position and excellent transport links mean we can provide quick turnaround times to our clients across the UK.

litho printing leicesterOur investment in the future

AnchorPrint Group Ltd provides the complete package – Design, Web, Print, Finishing and Distribution – all under one roof, ensuring consistency and quality at all times. Over the past 5 years we have invested over £1m in new equipment to ensure we can meet the standards demanded by our customers.

The complete solution

For more information on printing and design costs, please contact our estimating team who will be happy to help. AnchorPrint are a an advantage over most other printers in that we offer a COMPLETE SOLUTION to all your requirements.

We will always look at both Digital and Litho options so that you get the best solution and price possible. With the added benefit of being able to offer recycled paper and carbon offsetting your print to help reduce your companys carbon footprint.