Environmentally Friendly Printing

AnchorPrint Group Ltd recognises that business leadership carries a responsibility to the environment and the world’s forests. We are committed and fully support responsible forest management practices that both protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity and result in long-term social and economic benefits to human communities.

It is the policy of AnchorPrint Group Ltd to wherever possible, purchase paper products from forests independently certified and well-managed.

carbon ballenced paperCarbon Balanced Printing

What is Carbon Balanced Paper?
Carbon Balanced Paper is paper for which the production and distribution process has been carbon balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust. When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a unique logo on your print run: an instant, high-visibility seal that conveys your commitment to reducing your carbon impacts, and enhances your brand.

Carbon Capture Paper Printing

Carbon Capture Paper Printing

AnchorPrint offer you the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from the paper used in your printing. This is achieved by planting native woodland here in the UK. In partnership with Premier Paper, The Woodland Trust and The Woodland Carbon scheme.

How Carbon Capture Paper Printing Works:

  • When you place your paper order you may elect to capture the carbon from the manufacture and distribution of the paper
  • The amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of your paper is calculated
  • This amount is added as a separate item on your invoice
  • You receive a certificate and the Woodland Carbon logo. These can be printed on the paper to demonstrate to your customers, your commitment to using reduced CO2 paper
  • All Carbon Capture charges will be paid to the Woodland Trust who will plant woodland at one of their accredited woodland creation sites in the UK