Mobile Websites

FACT: Over 12 million people in the UK own a smart phone
FACT: Tablets such as the iPad are currently out selling laptops 3-1
FACT: 2014 is predicted to see mobile browsing overtake desktop browsing for the first time

People are evermore rapidly browsing the web on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t work correctly or isn’t suitable for all device, you could be loosing potential customers.

Responsive Website Design

mobile website design

Responsive websites (also known as Adaptive websites) reshape and adapt to fit any screen size weather a large desktop PC or a small smart phone.

Some forward thinking design and geeky behind-the-scenes coding by our web developers allow you to have single website which is perfectly suited to be easily viewed by everyone no matter their device; iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop PC.

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Mobile Specific Website

mobile friendly websites

Occasionally you may not want your entire website to be visible on mobile phones. Either because there is too much information for small screens or your have features which require a large screen. AnchorPrint can create Mobile Specific websites to work along site your existing or main website.

How it works

Your website detects when being viewed by a mobile device. Visitors are seamlessly redirected to the mobile version with streamlined content and option to view the full site.